Science Says You Probably Aren't As Drunk As You Think When Out With Friends

You know that really awkward moment when you're the drunkest one out of your friends and suddenly feel like the most intoxicated person on the planet?

Yeah? OK, me too.

Fear not, though. There's finally an answer behind this drinking phenomenon that we've all been overlooking since we picked up our first beers.

According to Mail Online, a study published in BMC Health just proved that you can actually feel drunker than you are when you're surrounded by sober people, and vice versa.

This essentially means that being the drunkest person in a room full of people who aren't drinking will make you wish you drank less, and that being sober in a room full of drunk people will encourage you to drink more.

So, yeah, we've been unknowingly judging our level of drunkness based off of our peers.

It all makes sense now!

Professor Simon Moore of Cardiff University talked to the Mail Online about how the new discovery will help control alcohol intakes. He said,

We could either work to reduce the number of very drunk people in a drinking environment, or we could increase the number of people who are sober. Our theory predicts the latter approach would have greatest impact.

Clever, Professor Moore. Very, very clever.

I know I'll definitely be taking a closer look at the crowd around me at the bar this weekend.