Sandra Bland Dash Cam Video Sparks Controversy For Possibly Being Edited

The Texas Department of Public Safety is studying dash cam footage of the arrest of Sandra Bland due to speculation it was edited.

All of the alleged edits take place as Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia describes his encounter with Bland from inside his squad car.

According to NBC News, the 52-minute video released on Tuesday shows a tow truck driver walking toward Encinia's car about 25 minutes into the footage and then out of frame shortly after.

About 15 seconds later, however, the truck driver is seen re-emerging from his vehicle and walking toward Encinia's car again as if the video was rewound, but Encinia's audio continues without interruption.

The second alleged edit occurs at 32:47 when a white car is seen driving down the road only to seemingly vanish and reappear seconds later to make a left turn, Bustle reports.

The same white car is then seen making that exact left turn again.

And Encinia's audio continues as if the video played straight through.

Here's the video of Bland being arrested and embroiled in a physical scuffle for refusing to comply with Encinia's orders.

Bland was found dead in her jail cell three days later.

The death was initially deemed a suicide, but Bland's friends and relatives firmly believe she would never commit such an act.

So now, the death is being investigated as a murder case.

Encinia is on administrative leave after the Texas Department of Public Safety determined he committed "violations of procedures regarding traffic stops and the department's courtesy policy."

Update: The Texas Department of Public Safety just declared the peculiarities regarding the tow truck driver and white car were caused by a "technical issue during posting" and not intentional edits.

According to NBC News, department spokesman Tom Vinger said the department is currently in the process of fixing the glitches.

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