This Restaurant Actually Gave Away Meals For Free If You Dined Naked

Nabi Tang

I'm sure you've heard of women showing a little skin or flirting with the bartender to score a free drink, but at The Black Cat eatery in Berlin, you have to go completely topless.

The nudity doesn't stop there. The Black Cat offered an entire free meal to patrons who dared to dine completely naked last week.

This concept brings a whole new meaning to #EatingForTheInsta.

If the idea of eating naked in front of other diners already sounds nerve-racking to you, imagine having to do it in front of the scantily-clad models who greet you at the door. Yep, waitresses also wore revealing lingerie while serving guests.

Look, in a pinch, I would definitely strip down for a free burger and a drink. Burgers can be expensive, you know?

Of course, you didn't have to ditch your clothes at The Black Cat to enjoy a burger there. Other customers probably spotted some naked patrons, which to some creepers would be just as good as getting a free meal.

While nude dining is fairly new, The Black Cat certainly wasn't the first to do it. Over 42,000 people are on the waiting list to eat naked in this London restaurant. And in Tokyo, this naked restaurant only lets people eat there if they meet the weight requirement.

It won't be long until some dining establishment in the US hops on this risqué trend. Would you take your clothes off for a free meal?

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