Mr Burger

This Chain Will Give You Free Burgers For Life Under One Hilarious Condition

Just how far would you go for a lifetime supply of free burgers?

Would you consider killing someone? It's OK, you don't have to go that far.

But these hilaaarious Aussies think they've found the perfect dare to put their money where your mouth is.

Get this: They want you to change your last name to "Burger." What a load of jokers. It's their best idea since Vegemite, surely.

The Australian chain Mr Burger is testing our buns of steel with this competition.

All you have to do is fill out this form, replace your identity and send it to them then — BOOM! — seven free burgers a week until you die or find your dignity and change your name back.

The burgers do look pretty dope, to be fair.

I'm not even sure if it's that rare to actually have the surname "Burger" by birth anyway. My old drama teacher at elementary school was called Miss Hamburger. Hey, if you're reading this, you can thank me in burgers.