Real Protester Tries Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Stunt And It Goes So, So Horribly


Ever since Kendall Jenner's insensitive Pepsi ad was released and pulled, real protesters and activists have become enraged by the soda company's offensive advertising.

In light of the controversial commercial, one protester decided to try Kendall's Pepsi trick for himself. If she can do it, so can he, right?

Actually... wrong.

Carlos Enrique, a man claiming to be a former Boston Herald journalist, decided to hand his mayor a can of Pepsi during a city council meeting in Portland, Oregon.

Let's just say it didn't go so well.


At the beginning of the meeting (which was reportedly called to discuss the issue of abandoned boats), Enrique takes the mic and begins talking to Mayor Wheeler.

Enrique apparently starts discussing the way the mayor signs unpopular ordinances. It's unclear what exactly Enrique is protesting, but he ends his statement and says, "What I realized is that the language of resistance has not been properly translated to you, so this is for you."


Suddenly, he walks up to the podium and gasps can be heard from the audience.

He whips out a can of Pepsi and hands it to Mayor Wheeler.


Unsurprisingly, there's no cheering, no laughter and certainly no smiles like the Pepsi ad promoted.

Instead, the startled mayor clearly disapproved and Enrique was escorted from the room by security.

After being handed the Pepsi, Wheeler said,

Not a good move -- not a good move. Thank you. Don't do that again. OK? Not a smart move.

Thankfully, the mayor wasn't too hard on Enrique and understood the message he was trying to get across.

He said, "Thank you. I do appreciate it, but don't do that again," and starts laughing.

Moments later, Enrique is forced out of the courtroom.


Wheeler's final words for the protester were, "If this were the Boston City Council, that would have ended differently."

Kendall Jenner's Pepsi approach is obviously unrealistic, and the commercial belittles the struggles protesters go through in order to have their voices heard.

The ad was pulled on Wednesday, and Pepsi released a statement apologizing for the insensitivity.

An excerpt from the apology says,

Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize.

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