Prisoner Ends 61-Hour Protest On Roof When Offered A Pizza And Coke

An inmate agreed to stop protesting on a prison rooftop when he was offered a pizza and soda.

Stuart Horner was sentenced to 27 years in prison in 2012 for fatally shooting his uncle during an argument, according to Daily Mail.

At around 2 pm last Sunday, the 35-year-old scaled a fence at the Manchester prison, commonly known as Strangeways, and stripped down to his Manchester United underwear when he reached the rooftop.

Horner then put on a shirt that said "Innocent" along with "It's not me, tell the government we've all had enough. Sort the whole system."

He spent the next three days smashing roof windows and security cameras, prompting prison staff to move approximately 100 inmates over fears falling debris would hit them.

Horner reportedly declared he would remain on the roof for 40 nights, and at one point shouted,

I'm doing this on behalf of everyone here. Sort the jail out. I'm sick of it here. I want to change prison history.

Riot officers had a standoff with Horner, who was armed with two metal bars, on Tuesday, but ultimately did not engage him because it would be dangerous, reported the Manchester Evening News.

The protest, which is estimated to have caused thousands of dollars worth of damage, also ignited a party on the streets below complete with loud music, fireworks and alcohol.

Horner's sister tried to talk him down on Monday, and his mother took to the Manchester Evening News to urge her son to end the protest.

But it wasn't until 3 am on Wednesday when Horner announced he and the authorities reached an agreement.

The Manchester Evening News' Todd Fitzgerald tweeted this about Horner:

Authorities allegedly promised the treats to Horner, who was taken down via a cherry picker and handcuffed.

Fitzgerald also tweeted this:

Horner is expected to be penalized for the damage he caused as well as for violating rules of the jail, which is home to about 1,200 prisoners.

Dozens were reportedly partying near the prison over the past few days, but the streets were nearly empty as Horner made his descent.

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