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Here's What Prince Had To Say When He Got To Meet His 'Hero' Muhammad Ali

It's been a sad few months for American icons. First, legendary musician Prince died, and now legendary boxer Muhammad Ali has died too.

Both deaths are true tragedies, but there is the tiniest silver lining. In the wake of the boxer's death, an old clip featuring Prince and Muhammad Ali started making it's way around the Internet, and you have to see it for Prince's reaction.

Now remember, we're talking about Prince here, one of the coolest, greatest, sexiest artists of all time, a guy whose notoriety isn't quite covered by the word superstar.

But when Prince got the chance to meet "The Greatest," the one and only Muhammad Ali, he barely kept it together.

In the clip reportedly from July 1997, Prince said,

My friend, Londell McMillan, called me a couple days ago and asked me, he said, 'Muhammad wants you to' -- and I said 'Yes.' I didn't even let him finish. He could've said 'mow the lawn,' and I'd have been down with it. Muhammad's my hero. He has been since I was a child.

Mow the lawn!? Can you imagine Prince mowing the lawn for ANYONE? Yeah, me neither.

Check out the full clip above. You have to watch Prince to really understand just how excited he was to be meeting his childhood hero.

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