Pregnant Woman Reunites With Man Who Saved Her During Paris Attacks (Video)

Despite an onslaught of tragic news over the weekend, a pregnant woman caught on video clinging to a window ledge outside the Bataclan theater during the ISIS' attack on Paris was confirmed safe, Cosmopolitan reports.

As shots rang out in the theater, the unidentified woman attempted to climb out of a window and escape the shooters, reportedly pleading,

Please, I'm pregnant.

She hung 20 feet above the street below for roughly two minutes until a mystery man pulled her back inside the building.

Both the man and the woman survived the attacks, even though he was held hostage by the terrorists until police arrived.

Following the horrific events Friday, the woman took to Twitter to seek the man who saved her. When the woman successfully located her brave helper, Sebastian, the pair reportedly exchanged numbers.

Now safe, the woman is protecting her identity in an effort to recover from the attack in privacy.

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