Popular Toll Collector Fired For Generously Paying Someone Else's Toll


Apparently, Florida is heartless.

A beloved Fort Meyers toll collector was fired after he accidentally undercharged a driver and paid the difference out of pocket.

Vladislav "Sam" Samsonov worked as a toll collector for 29 years, and he is known in the area for being a friendly agent who frequently hands out lollipops to kids and gives treats to dogs at his gate.

He told NBC2 News,

That all changed last week when he undercharged a driver $5.50 and was caught putting the difference in the register.

The act of covering a driver's toll is reportedly against protocol and led to his dismissal from Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority (GIBA).

According to his daughter's Facebook post, Sam was previously issued warnings about paying tolls for drivers, but it was still a bit of a shock when he was asked to leave.

In the post, Sam's daughter wrote,

Sam is also a veteran, so fortunately, he is financially taken care of, but he still plans on spending time volunteering at a hospital to keep busy.

You can watch the full NBC2 news segment below.

NBC2 News on YouTube

Florida, get your sh*t together.

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