'Popeye' Arm Wrestling Champ Has The Biggest Forearms You've Ever Seen

Full warning: You will probably not be able to comprehend any of the pictures in this article.

I stared at them for the past hour, and I still don't understand how one man can have that much arm.

Meet Jeff Dabe, a Minnesota native with pieces of skin and muscle attached to his elbows the size of small countries that he claims are actually his forearms.


To answer your first question, yes, those are real.

To answer your second question, no, his forearms weren't stung by thousands of wasps right before someone took the picture.

Nicknamed “Popeye,” Jeff has forearms measuring in at a mystifying 19 inches in circumference.


Unsurprisingly, Jeff spends his time competing in arm wrestling competitions because, honestly, if this isn't his natural calling, then the concept of a natural calling does not exist.

Here is a video of Jeff absolutely demolishing an arm wrestling competition.

Briefly, Jeff stopped competing after he popped his arm during a competition in 1986.

Then in 2012, a Minnesota state arm wrestling champion ended up in Jeff's town, forcing Jeff to come out of retirement and keep the competitor from becoming arm wrestling's answer to Bo Jackson.

Jeff is now back to traveling around the country with the World Armwrestling League, competing in tournaments and destroying other arm wrestlers in the process.

Jeff's family and doctors have no idea what makes his forearms the size they are; tests were done on them at the University of Minnesota to look for signs of elephantiasis and gigantism, but they've all come up negative.

Baby photos of “Popeye” show he's had naturally big arms since early on in his life.


If what people say about big hands is true, I don't even want to begin to imagine what mythical beast Jeff commands below the belt.


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