Someone Actually Created A Poo-Themed Cafe In Canada


What if I told you that you can literally eat shit. OK, not actual feces, but desserts shaped like it.

Lien Nguyen, a George Brown College graduate, is set to open up her very own Poop Café Dessert Bar in Toronto. Gross? Adorable? A little bit of both? You be the judge.

Nguyen first got the idea when she visited Taiwan a few years ago and went to a toilet themed restaurant called Modern Toilet.

Modern Toilet has been around since 2004. It has shower heads on the walls, lamps shaped like plungers and poop shaped cushions on the toilet-style seats. These types of restaurants also exist in Russia, Seoul and the Philippines. I'm honestly surprised we don't have one in the US yet, but I'm sure it will come soon enough.

The idea stuck with her (I mean who could forget that experience) and she actually studied culinary arts to make the dream of opening up her own poo-inspired cafe a reality.

This girl obviously has a thing for potty humor. In her restaurant, patrons will also sit on fake toilets and eat out of urinal shaped dishes. I wonder what the bathrooms will look like. The menu will be based on traditional Asian desserts. Of course, they're all going to be brown.

Nguyen told the Toronto Star, "I'm trying to make poop cute." She wants to change the conversation around poop, especially at the table while eating because, why the hell not?

Actually, there's research to back why the hell not. While there's novelty in the idea, it's been proven that people don't want to eat something that resembles shit even if they know it's not shit.

I'm not sure if poop will ever be cute. Even the poop emoji kind of grosses me out just a little bit. There's something about eating poop shaped food while sitting on the thing I poop into that's weird to me. But who knows? Some people might love the shit out of it.

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