Everything I Want To Say To Women Who Support Trump


Though this world has often provoked me to feel this way, I have never been ashamed to be a woman... until now.

I debated with myself for a long time on whether or not to write something about the upcoming election. For the past year, I've denied myself the luxury of indulging in a Trump-bashing post. I didn't want to cause any controversy.

But that ship has since sailed.

I like to consider myself an informed American citizen. Even though I'm currently living in Thailand, I dedicate hours of my free time to watching CNN, Fox News and anything else that has to do with the election. I watch it all, with every kind of bias laced in.

My favorite shows typically include a panel consisting of at least one Trump representative. These brainwashed bigots have a few means of defense, which I find simply laughable, when it comes to Mr. Trump's alleged sexual misconduct

Their first defense is to question the timing of the sexual assault allegations. “Why now?” they say.

This is exactly what silences victims of assault to begin with, and it's a precise example of how they're pressured to keep their mouths shut. Victims are so terrified that people will spin their experience into a victim-shaming timing game, instead of believing them.

Maybe these women want the American people to know just what kind of man they could be voting for come November. Not to mention, women have been accusing Trump of sexual misconduct for decades.

The next defense is to jump all over Bill Clinton. They're quick to financially tie the Clinton administration to the victims of Trump's sexual tirades.

Now, this is hysterical, considering Donald Trump himself held and appeared at a press conference, where he cozied up to three of Bill Clinton's accusers. Talk about an obvious pay-off.

Clinton's allegations had court cases that have been closed for years. The claims against Trump, rather, haven't even gotten a chance to be investigated.

And in case you didn't already know, once you've been president for two terms, you cannot run again. Bill Clinton is not running for president this election. Hillary Rodham Clinton is. End of story.

Another particular amusing defense from  Trump's representatives is to aggressively deny the claims against Trump, with no explanation, and to try to pull focus on the “important issues” the American people really care about.

Here's a news flash for you: The prospect that the possible leader of the free world is a sexual predator is something the American people care about.

You can talk about building your stupid wall all the live-long day, but until you've walked in the shoes of a rape victim, you have no right to minimize these allegations.

Besides the obvious, the truly repugnant part of these journalists, lawyers and scholars attempting to defend Trump is that a decent number of them are women.

And though they may not have suffered the traumatizing aftermath of being sexually assaulted, I know they've felt the unnerving gaze of a man on public transportation. I know they've had their phones at quick access while walking alone at night. I know they've been criticized for wearing a top that distracts men. I know they've looked in the mirror, feeling insecure about their appearance.

Yet they continue to support Mr. Trump.

I'm not sure why they choose to defend this type of behavior. Maybe they are racists. Maybe they are anti-feminists. Or maybe they're too stubbornly tangled in their own messy web of lies to back down from their initial support of Trump.

Allow me to put this in the simplest terms for those horribly misinformed Trump enablers that want to sweep this aside: Sexual assault is indefensible.

I recently saw a female Trump spokesperson talking about the allegations on Fox News. She said something along the lines of the fact that she's a mother, sister and daughter, but first and foremost, she is an American.

I'm an American too — a proud one, despite the recent hellhole we've dug ourselves into. But I am by no means an American before I am a human being.

I am a decent person, who has been taught right from wrong. We must absorb Donald Trump's actions not only as American citizens, but as human beings who have learned about the dangers of sexual assault since we were children.

It's unlikely you welcome the thought of living next door to a sexual predator, so why would you want one as the President of the United States?

Ladies voting for Trump, I will never understand or respect you. I will always question why you chose the possibility of a dodge in tax increases over the goodness of the nation.

But you're going to lose tremendously come November. That's right. Despite the shit-storm of hate you contributed to, the outright racism you embraced and the shaming of sexual assault victims you escalated, you're not going to win the White House.

And although that doesn't suck the poison out of this country, it does help me sleep at night.

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