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This 106-Year-Old Woman Couldn't Stop Dancing When She Met The Obamas

Virginia McLaurin is 106 years old and had the extreme delight of meeting President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama at the White House as part of Black History Month celebrations.

McLaurin was so delighted, in fact, she couldn't help dancing.

The Obamas doted over McLaurin, admiring her spirit and dancing with her.

McLaurin said,

I thought I would never live to get in the White House, and I tell you, I am so happy. A black president, a black wife, and I'm here to celebrate black history.

The White House's Black History Month celebration this year was emotional across the age spectrum.

On Friday, White House photographer Pete Souza posted this photo of 3-year-old Clark Reynolds meeting President Obama.

Janell Ross wrote in The Washington Post this photo showed a change in perception -- black Americans now belong at the White House, which is especially powerful as we all continue to see black lives devalued and horrifically struck down, as addressed in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Despite how far we all still have to come, Obama's presence in the presidency represents an inspiration for the nation.

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