Would You Vote For Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump?

by John Haltiwanger

On Monday, Associated Press reported Hillary Clinton earned the 2,383 delegates necessary to clinch the Democratic nomination for president. She's now being called the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Bernie Sanders' campaign, and many of his supporters, took issue with this announcement due to both its timing and the fact superdelegates don't count until they vote at the Democratic National Convention in July.

Even still, it looks highly likely Hillary Clinton will be officially confirmed as the Democratic nominee for president in July, as she has a significant lead over Sanders in terms of both pledged delegates and the popular vote.

Meanwhile, there are primary contests across six states on Tuesday.

This is easily one of the most contentious elections in recent memory, and polls have shown most Americans have unfavorable opinions of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, both now considered the respective presumptive nominees for the Republican and Democratic parties.

Many Bernie Sanders supporters are seemingly unwilling to vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances, even if that means clearing a path for Trump to become president, who clearly has different viewpoints than Sanders.

Given all this, it's hard to say what might happen in the general election if Clinton and Trump ultimately face one another.

Would you vote for Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump? Take our poll below.

Poll photo credit: REUTERS