This Tweet About 'It' Says What We All Feel About Trump Vs. Obama

by Alexandra Svokos
Robert Perry/Getty Images

Let's face it, 2017 has been a bit of a drag. And for many of us, the reason it's been such a drag is because Donald Trump is, inexplicably, president of the United States. With the chaos arising from the White House, many Americans are fondly, desperately remembering the good old days when Barack Obama was president and the worst thing we had to worry about was that awful tan suit of his he wore that one time. All that in mind, this tweet about It and President Obama is giving everyone across Twitter all the feels about the state of the union.

In case you don't know, It is a new movie that just came out based on the Stephen King book of the same name. It's Stephen King, which means, of course, it's terrifying. It is the story of a super creepy clown, and it's probably a big reason why you're so freaked out by clowns.

The plot of It is that Pennywise, a terrifying clown, entices kids to join him in a drain on the street, where the kids are then, you know, kidnapped and tortured and killed and all that other nice stuff. So one person on Twitter posed the question: "What would Pennywise have to say to get you to go down there with him?"

There were lots of funny responses to the tweet, including people who said they'd join him if Pennywise said he paid off their tuition. And then, there's this hilarious response:

But one response in particular really took the cake -- and by cake, I mean all the RTs.

Twitter user André wrote that he'd join Pennywise in the drain if he said "Obama still President down here."

More than 150,000 retweets and a thousand responses later, it's clear that André is not alone in this sentiment.

Trump is, uh, not exactly the most popular president.

Trump's approval rating is at 46 percent according to one of the most recent Rasmussen Reports poll, which was released on Sept. 10. And for context, that's a high approval rating for Trump as president. In a Gallup poll released July 23, Trump's approval rating was at 38.8 percent, which made him the least popular president in history at that point in his term, according to Newsweek. The historical average for a president's second quarter is 62 percent.

Obama, on the other hand, was decently well-liked as president.

He had a 59 percent approval rating in the last Gallup poll released in his term, which ended this January. For comparison's sake, Obama's approval rating for Sept. 14-20, 2009, was 52 percent, according to Gallup.

Meanwhile, Obama also kept things relatively calm as president. By that I mean he kept communications directors for longer than 10 days and didn't make us worry that he'd get offended one day and start a nuclear war via Twitter. The bar is pretty low, honestly, people.

With Trump as president, it seems that almost every day there is some new scandal to freak out about, ranging from petty to life-or-death. For instance, Trump's been throwing around policy plans for refugees and immigrants that have very real effects on people's lives, and that tends to put a lot of people on edge. And then every morning we have to wake up, go to Twitter on our phones, and wonder what insensitive message the president posted this time. This is on top of wondering what global leader Trump's p*ssed off this time with a weird phone call, tweet, or decision to abandon the rest of the world when it comes to climate change (a thing that is real). And I haven't even mentioned all the white supremacist stuff!

So ultimately, it's no wonder that lots of people would hop on down if Pennywise told them they could go back to a time when Obama was president. Pennywise, plz.

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