Trump's Son Called Out For Plagiarizing His Offensive Skittles Tweet


Donald Trump Jr. is getting a lot of backlash for a controversial tweet he sent out comparing refugees to Skittles.

People aren't just calling out the illogical and offensive message behind the tweet, but the fact he plagiarized it and stole the photo he used from a photographer who happens to be a former refugee.

Here's the original tweet.

The tweet, which compared actual human beings to candy, not only makes no sense, it's not even Trump Jr.'s idea.

He stole it from Joe Walsh, a former congressman turned conservative talk radio host.

If you're going to make an ignorant, xenophobic comment, at least be original.

To top it all off, in a major plot twist, the photo Trump Jr. used was actually taken by a former refugee, David Kittos.

Kittos is not happy about the photo being used without his permission, BBC News reports. He said,

According to Kittos, the picture was taken a long time ago, and he's furious it was used to spread an anti-refugee message.

Kittos explained,

It's worth pointing out only three refugees have been arrested over terrorism since 9/11, which happens to be the same number of wives Donald Trump has had.

Refugees do not pose a major threat to the US.

Skittles had the best response to all of this.

In short, Donald Trump Jr.'s Skittles tweet was an epic fail on so many levels.