Trump's Helicopter Arrival In Cleveland Was Straight Out Of A Bad Action Movie

by John Haltiwanger
John Haltiwanger

Donald Trump likes to do things big. This isn't exactly a secret, especially since he mentions the "big, beautiful wall" he wants to build along the US-Mexico border whenever he gets the chance.

He's just a man who likes things to be "yuge."

On Wednesday afternoon, Trump continued this trend with a very dramatic arrival in Cleveland.

Trump's family, members of the press, Governor Mike Pence and supporters gathered at the Great Lakes Science Center to welcome the real estate mogul.

As we waited, songs by the Rolling Stones and other classic bands blared on the speakers. But then things started to get weird.

Shortly before Trump's arrival, opera music played.

According to opera aficionados, this was a pretty clichéd song to choose, and it's apparently played at most of Trump's rallies.

Trump first arrived in a plane, which could be seen in the distance.

Then he hopped into a helicopter and things really got good. The theme song from "Air Force One" played as Trump's helicopter did several loops around the area.

John Haltiwanger
John Haltiwanger
John Haltiwanger

Meanwhile, journalists on the ground couldn't stop cracking up because they could barely believe what they were witnessing.

Trump was greeted by his family and Pence, his new BFF and running mate.

John Haltiwanger
John Haltiwanger
John Haltiwanger

In spite of all of the theatrics that led up to his arrival, Trump gave a very short statement before walking over to greet friends and supporters.

John Haltiwanger

So this was basically a helicopter arrival disguised as a rally.

Why does any of this matter?

There are certainly more important things going on in the world than Trump landing on a field in a helicopter. But this event definitely sends a big message in terms of what the New York billionaire would be like if he actually got elected.

Presidents are meant to be figureheads, or symbolic representations of American values and culture.

Trump is a man who loves to remind people he's rich and powerful, and, if elected, he will essentially signify to the world the US is more about flash than substance.

His arrival in Cleveland Wednesday was like something straight out of a corny action movie, and it didn't even use original music (but for the record, "Air Force One" is excellent, and Harrison Ford is a legend).

Do we really want a man who constantly looks for ways to feed his own ego to become our president?

If elected, Trump will likely waste our tax dollars to put on more shows like he did today. Is that what we want our money going to?

Is this what will make America great?

As a country, these are questions we need to ask before November.