Trump Is Making Visiting US So Strict, People Don't Want To Come Here Anymore

by John Haltiwanger

Foreign visitors to the US might soon have to turn over their cell phones, social media passwords and financial records, according to what Trump administration officials told The Wall Street Journal.

On top of this, they might be required to take an ideological test.

This would apply to people from around the world, including America's closest allies.

President Trump has promised to pursue "extreme vetting," and this is what it looks like.

Gene Hamilton, senior counselor to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, told The Wall Street Journal,

If there is any doubt about a person's intentions coming to the United States, they should have to overcome — really and truly prove to our satisfaction — that they are coming for legitimate reasons.

If the Trump administration moves forward with this, they might not have to worry about people coming to the US for "legitimate reasons," as it seems people would just stop coming altogether.

Trump is really bad for tourism in the US.

Tourism is a crucial industry in America.

In 2016, international visitors contributed roughly $250 billion to the US economy.

It's estimated the US can expect 4.3 million fewer foreign visitors in 2017 because of President Trump and his xenophobic policies and perspectives, according to Tourism Economics, which equates to a loss of $7.4 billion.

This is poised to get even worse in 2018, with a loss of 6.3 million visitors and $10.8 billion.

Trump's repeated attempts to impose a travel ban on people from a number of predominately Muslim countries, as well as his more recent ban on electronics on flights with certain airlines, has already painted a very unwelcoming and intolerant picture of the US.

This move toward extreme vetting definitely does not help in this regard.

If Trump gets his way, it seems many across the world might write off the US altogether.

Many took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to express their concern over The Wall Street Journal report, especially in relation to tourism.

Trump's push for travel bans and extreme vetting are purported to keep the US safe from terrorism.

But, instead of keeping people in the US, his extreme stance on immigration, travel and refugees could simply end up taking money out of the pockets of Americans who depend a great deal on tourism for their income.