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Trump Supporters Give Huge Tip And Write Note To Waitress


This beautiful note is exactly what America needs right now.

It is the result of an unlikely friendship between a black waitress and some cowboy hat-wearing Texans.

Not only did the men write a powerful, emotional message of unity on their bill, they left behind a hugely generous tip for 25-year-old Rosalynd Harris.

On a bill of $72, they gave her a tip of $450 — that's 625 percent.


But while the extra cash was nice for Rosalynd, what the guys wrote on the bill is what's really important here.

It read,

It feels like we've all got a bit confused about patriotism in recent months, but that's the most patriotic thing I've read in a while.

The craziest bit? The encounter happened in Washington, DC, where Rosalynd took part in the Women's March two days earlier, and the three men were in town for Donald Trump's inauguration.


When she served them at Busboys and Poets, things could have gone very wrong indeed, but instead, it was the start of something awesome.

Rosalynd told WUSA9,

They told her they were there for the inauguration, but complimented her smile and personality before leaving the massive tip.

The amazing act of kindness was appreciated by the restaurant posted the note on Facebook, writing, “We rise by lifting others. A lovely act of kindness by a guest yesterday.”

Rosalynd Harris

Rosalyn told the Washington Post,

She is planning to use the surprise bonus to help pay bills for her new apartment.

The Washington Post identified the restaurant-goer as Jason White, who went to Busboys and Poets with friends. Sirs, I salute you.

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