Trump Added His 'Sex And The City' Cameo Line For The Most Trump Reason

by Hannah Golden
Olivier Douliery-Pool via Getty Images

In a cameo appearance on the hit show Sex And The City, Donald Trump ad-libbed a line to name-drop Trump Tower, Page Six reports.

His appearance on the show occurred in a 1999 episode where the character Samantha begins a relationship with an older man.

In the cameo, Trump can be heard saying,

Think about it. I'll be at my office in Trump Tower.

As scripted, according to Page Six, Trump's back was supposed to be to the camera, and he didn't have any lines. But after some persistence, he finagled a line for himself. The final cut, below, included a front-facing shot of him name-dropping Trump Tower.

Shameless self-promotion appears to be a trend among Trumps. Earlier this year, Trump name-dropped his golf course during a high-profile meeting with the British prime minister. And for his daughter Ivanka's wedding, golf course promotions were given out with the invitations.

Trump has made appearances in shows and movies galore outside of The Apprentice. Apparently, his relationship with scripting is rocky, even in his own reality TV show. Did we mention that the "phone" on the Apprentice desk was actually just a teleprompter, according to contestant Clay Aiken?

It's almost surprising, then, that Trump himself has made so many cameos in everything from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Spin City. Perhaps the most ironic of these appearances, by the way, is in his spot on Suddenly Susan when, over a poker game, Trump says,

I hope you have a good lawyer.

It's not the first time his appearance (or lines) have been unplanned. When Trump appeared in Home Alone 2, he apparently dropped by during filming and somehow ended up in the final cut, according to Newsweek. In the movie, he gives directions to the young Kevin McCallister, who is lost inside the Plaza Hotel (which Trump owned).

Not even SATC is immune to Trump's promo-obsession. Who doesn't want a little extra free advertising?