Topless Protesters Interrupt A Muslim Conference On The Role Of Women

Topless protesters were arrested after storming the stage at a Muslim conference on women near Paris, The Telegraph reports.

The two protesters, both female and reportedly ages 25 and 31, are associated with the feminist protest group FEMEN.

Two fundamentalist preachers were apparently discussing whether or not women should be beaten by their husbands when the protesters ripped off their clothes and rushed the stage.

According to The Telegraph, one of the protesters had "no one subjugates me" written on her torso while the other had "I am my own prophet." Reports indicate the women grabbed the microphone and started shouting in both French and Arabic before they were violently taken from the stage by over a dozen men.

A video of the incident seems to show men kicking the women as they're dragged away. After being turned over to police, the two women were reportedly questioned by prosecutors and subsequently released.

According to Huffington Post, the preachers were arguing Muslim men should follow the example of the prophet Muhammad and not beat their wives shortly before the FEMEN protesters jumped on the stage.

The response the protesters encountered is inexcusable, even if people disagree with their methods.

Inna Shevchenko, a spokeswoman for FEMEN, took to Twitter to express solidarity with the women and claim they received death threats.

Thank you all for support&appreciation of our protest. Now we know it was needed. Thank you all for death threats. Now we know it was needed — inna shevchenko (@femeninna) September 13, 2015

Others also spoke out against the controversial conference and thousands signed an online petition against it.

Here's a video of the incident.

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