Leaked Emails Reveal Someone Gets Paid To Count Steps For Hillary Clinton


If you thought Hillary Clinton was one of those middle-aged moms obsessed with grabbing her pedometer everywhere she goes, guess again. She doesn't need one, because someone else counts her steps for her — literally.

A new wave of emails reveals part of what comes with planning trips for Secretary Clinton oddly involves counting the number of steps she goes up and down.

The same goes for Vice President Joe Biden, whose number of steps at a hotel was a key detail included in the planning of a recent trip to Cleveland in June. So important were those steps, in fact, that a diagram depicted exactly how Biden would go down them.

DC leaks


Those are just a couple of the revelations that have come from yet another email leak that provides a look into the lives of big political figures. The information was accessed by an aptly named group called DC Leaks, which hacked a White twtwtwtHouse staff member's email to obtain the info.

According to Mail Online, the group made a statement on the leak in an email, saying,

The leaked files show the security level of our government. If terrorists hack emails of White House Office staff and get such sensitive information we will see the fall of our country.

Among other information, DC Leaks was able to obtain a photo of Michelle Obama's passport, the amount of money Clinton campaign workers make ($150 per nontravel day for "leads") and, interestingly, an email that revealed how FLOTUS could be used as the perfect excuse for missing class.

I am very sorry about the last minute nature of this email. I am on the advance team for Mrs Obama, and they bumped up our meetings today on site in VA (they were supposed to be tonight!) I hate missing class more than anything else, I hopefully should be back I DC by 430, and I will sprint to the lab.
DC Leaks

DC Leaks is the same group that hacked a number Colin Powell's emails, which revealed that the former Secretary of State believes Bill Clinton is "still dicking bimbos."

So that's where this election is.

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