A Sarcastic Take On Hillary Clinton's Political Motivations

Worried that Hillary Clinton's Democratic campaign for president is a gimmick with fake Twitter followers?

Don't worry; Twitter's own Twitter account has even more fake followers!

Do you think Clinton, the leading Democratic presidential nominee, is covering something up with a suspicious, private Secretary of State email cache?

That's what the Secretary of State has to do! It's the State Department, and it shares and shares data with other countries besides our own, remember?

Still angry that Hillary Clinton is an elitist who doesn't stand for equal access, and is a question dodger just because she spent weeks and months campaigning without answering any questions from the media?

She's worried about being out-spent by Republican Jeb Bush who acknowledged, at least before Mark Halperin's comments at the Bush commencement address on Bloomberg, he's not afraid of running a negative campaign.

Clinton didn't want to help the competition; is that so bad?

So you think Clinton is just Clinton II, who profits off the poor after hearing of her Conflict of Interest Disorder from Peter Schweizer's book, "Clinton Cash?"

Well, Clinton pointed out that the book is a partizan ax.

Despite the author's discrediting of mainstream media's coverup of his work, he's off to go discredit Jeb Bush's finances now with a book on that.

But wait, you might still be suspicious of the Clintons' long-time association with illegal foreign investors in USA politics, or high-profile cases of granting clemency to the rich?

Are these are all cases indicating transparency from politicians and wild circumspection from journalists, despite the name of Bob Woodward showing up as one of the faithful?

But, you want to vote against Clinton because you heard her State Department mishandled and misled the public over the killing of four Americans and the destruction of a Benghazi embassy in Libya?

You claim Clinton led a sloppy State Department? You point to chaos throughout Arabia and point the finger at the former Secretary of State for colonialism by proxy and misdirection?

You do realize what the Secretary of State's job is, right? It's like "Justice League," Hydra, "Spectre," Blue Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, every life matters and "Top Gun" rolled into one conspiracy theory to coordinate international relations. So please, relax.

What? Still, you point to trustworthiness as to why Hillary Clinton can't be president because she's not polling high in trustworthiness?

Trustworthiness? You might consider a Rasmussen poll pointing out the fact that only 6 percent take the media to be very trustworthy (February 2013, when Clinton gave up the office of Secretary of State).

State Department Chief is a thankless job that has the former First Lady plummeting in the polls for eight long years. Give a girl a break.

But wait, you can't stand the Clintons for getting caught philandering in the White House after the First Lady began pushing the president's healthcare agenda before Congress back in the 90s. And that's her fault?

Who cares if in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, 51 percent, 53 percent and 54 percent, respectively, of people consider Clinton untrustworthy according to a Quinnipiac Swing State Poll?

The more new, unknown candidates talk, the more everyone will sound untrustworthy!

They're politicians looking to be President of the United States of America!

Maybe you're scared that, like in 2008, Clinton will wilt in the face of competition as some declared Bernie Sanders to have risen? He claimed some 30 percent of voters in one short month. He wasn't even running a month ago.

Meanwhile, (FL) Senator Marco Rubio appears to be the best placed Republican to challenge Clinton in the all-important swing-state of Florida, his home state.

Rubio gets 44 percent support, compared to Clinton's 47 percent.

The Senator gets 41 percent to Clinton's 45 percent in Ohio, and 44 percent to Clinton's 43 percent in Pennsylvania. She's doing alright.

Is Rand Paul the man to beat the woman in Ohio and Pennsylvania? Rubish! He just announced plans for an IRS overhaul!

As Donna Brazile points out, we know Clinton's position on Climate Change and Immigration. Both are real, legal and have to be managed as such (just like her trailblazing healthcare push in 1993).

Anyway, my point is everyone knows politicians are just actors, and Clinton changes her position to reflect society like a good politician should.

So, if you're upset by black leaders beating up on President Obama after Dylann Roof's alleged racial terror that left nine dead in a Charleston church last week, perhaps you should remember Clinton's husband did successfully pass a gun control bill.

Hillary Clinton wants to stop terrorism and take away the guns.

But, you're worried she's a war hawk and will pacify America to go to war? Only with nuclear bullies, like Russia!

America is a liberal, enlightenment-based culture, and it needs to be reminded of that before our progress toward a freeing, multi-lateral identity structure collapses under fears that the government is getting too big (in support of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness).

I can't wait to hear from Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of Elite Daily.