Why There's No Excuse Not To Vote In The 2016 Presidential Election

by Becky G

As I sat down to dinner in the nation’s capital, Latino Ambassadors and influencers from all over the world surrounding me, I realized even the voice of a young, Mexican-American girl, born and raised in Inglewood, can be heard.

Conversations on immigration legislation and Donald Trump's shenanigans filled the room as we all shared our perspectives on the current climate. Though this was not the first time I had this thought, I knew music would continue to be a powerful medium for my voice to be heard amongst our community.

I take my position as a role model to our youth very seriously. The following night I was filled with pride not only to have been invited to attend the Hispanic Heritage Awards, but also to perform and accept the Inspira Award from none other than Mexican singer-songwriter (and one of my idols) Ana Gabriel.

The room was full of entrepreneurs and influencers who are leading our community down a progressive path and encouraging us as Latinos to be proud of our history and culture. You could feel the love in the room, and I was inspired to continue to positively influence my fans with my journey through music.

I recently turned 18 and realized this marked an important milestone in my life. I was finally eligible to vote and, ultimately, have my say. When I think back on my family’s history, back to when my grandparents came to this country, I realize this right is a special privilege given to all of us here in the United States.

I feel as though I owe it to my grandparents and their struggle to make sure I exercise my right to vote, and to encourage everyone around me to do the same. I know there are so many people who share my same story of being given great opportunity off the backs of our ancestors.

For us, there should be no excuse. This is our voice and our opportunity to make a difference. We can make a change together.

I encourage everyone to step up.