Never Forget When Trump's Energy Secretary Pick Lost 'Dancing With The Stars'

by Alexandra Svokos

"Dancing with the Stars" loser Rick Perry has reportedly been picked to lead the Energy Department by Donald Trump.

Perry previously served as governor of Texas before competing on "Dancing with the Stars." His "Dancing with the Stars" loss also comes after two failed attempts at running for president as a Republican.

Perry was paired with dancer Emma Slater on "Dancing with the Stars." Slater has been part of the "Dancing with the Stars" family since 2012.

She previously reached the finals with celebrity partner Bill Engvall. Her other pairings with Billy Dee Williams, race car driver Michael Waltrip, LMFAO member Redfoo and Vine star Hayes Grier were less successful.

Slater's "Dancing with the Stars" partnership was least successful with Redfoo as they were eliminated in the first round.

She and Trump's pick for Secretary of Energy made it to the third week of "Dancing with the Stars" competition and came in 12th place this September.

Perry was given the lowest scores in "Dancing with the Stars" for the cha-cha-cha, the quickstep and the paso doble.

You may remember reality television competitor Perry from his failed presidential run, where he couldn't remember the Energy Department, which Trump now wants him to lead.

"Oops," the reality TV veteran Perry said.

Here is Trump's Secretary of Energy dancing with Vanilla Ice a few weeks ago:

Ice and Perry "formed an unexpected bond" while competing on "Dancing with the Stars."

Here is Trump's potential Secretary of Energy celebrating after he made it through the first week on "Dancing with the Stars."

This is Perry dancing the paso doble while competing on a reality television show.

Here is the person Trump is apparently picking to take care of America's energy being eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars."

Perry says he competed for his daughter's wedding, and for veterans.

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