This 'Veep' Star Just Gave Us All The Best Reason To Binge-Watch TV

by Alexandra Svokos

It's a little confusing to see Reid Scott, who plays the neurotic and ambitious Dan Egan on HBO's "Veep," running around the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week.

The presidential election this year has been nicely echoing the craziness on "Veep," making it seem eerily prescient -- down to Corey Lewandowski joining CNN, just like Dan Egan did on the show.

I used to think "Veep" was too wild to be real, but then I saw what happened this year. Not to mention, I found some emails in the Wikileaks DNC drop that felt a little too "Veep"-like...


But the actor, Reid -- not the character, Dan -- is at the DNC in real life with the Creative Coalition, a nonpartisan group of people in the entertainment industry advocating for the arts.

I met up with him at a luncheon pushing for DC statehood, where he gave remarks about why he thinks that is an important cause.

Since "Veep" is one of several popular shows totally about politics (including "House of Cards" and "Scandal") -- and is widely acknowledged in DC as the most realistic depiction of Washington -- I asked Reid if watching these political shows can be helpful.

He said,

I wouldn't say get your education on politics from a fictional television show -- we're certainly not a documentary. But if it inspires people, it gets them interested to learn more and to see what exactly our show is satirizing, then absolutely.

Reid added it's important for young people to get involved and be interested, even if that interest comes from a fictional show. He said,

Young people need to get interested in politics. I know that it hasn't always been a sexy thing to pay attention to -- maybe shows change that perception a little bit -- but it's politics that drive our country.

Dan Egan is tied with Amy Brookheimer as my favorite character on "Veep," so I'd agree with just about anything Reid had to say. But this one I'd especially agree with.

So go ahead, fam, binge every political show you can from now until November.