Racists Respond To Hillary Clinton's Speech On Racism — With More Racism

by John Haltiwanger

Hillary Clinton went in on Donald Trump in a speech she delivered in Reno, Nevada on Thursday.

The former secretary of state focused on the "alt-right" and the intolerance that's characterized much of Trump's presidential campaign.

Clinton said,

From the start, Donald Trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. He's taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over one of America's two major political parties. His disregard for the values that make our country great is profoundly dangerous... He says he wants to 'make America great again,' but his real message remains 'Make America hate again.'

Clinton focused heavily on how hate groups have embraced Trump and the fact the real estate mogul doesn't seem to have a problem with this.

Clinton also attacked Trump for hiring Stephen Bannon, the head of the conservative website Breitbart, as his campaign CEO.

She said,

Look at who he's put in charge of his campaign... He hired Stephen Bannon, the head of a right-wing website called, as campaign CEO... According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, Breitbart embraces 'ideas on the extremist fringe of the conservative right.' Racist ideas. Race-baiting ideas. Anti-Muslim and anti-Immigrant ideas –– all key tenets making up an emerging racist ideology known as the 'Alt-Right.' Alt-Right is short for 'Alternative Right.'

Unsurprisingly, Trump was pretty unhappy about Clinton's speech and immediately took to Twitter to express his feelings.

But one of the more interesting responses came from American Renaissance, a white nationalist magazine and website run by the New Century Foundation.

As The Southern Poverty Law Center describes it,

Founded by Jared Taylor in 1990, the New Century Foundation is a self-styled think tank that promotes pseudo-scientific studies and research that purport to show the inferiority of blacks to whites — although in hifalutin language that avoids open racial slurs and attempts to portray itself as serious scholarship. It is best known for its American Renaissance magazine and website, which regularly feature proponents of eugenics and blatant anti-black racists. The foundation also sponsors American Renaissance conferences every other year where racist 'intellectuals' rub shoulders with Klansmen, neo-Nazis and other white supremacists.

The founder, Jared Taylor, who also edits American Renaissance, has said things like,

Blacks and whites are different. When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears.

This is how American Renaissance responded to Clinton's speech.

So, yeah, it basically responded to a speech on racism with racism.

There are still 74 days until the general election. It's going to be a long 74 days.