People Are Sharing The Reasons They're Thankful For Bernie Sanders' Campaign

On Tuesday night, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed the Democratic presidential nomination, and President Obama called to congratulate her. She's the first woman in US history to clinch the presidential nomination for a major political party.

Meanwhile, Senator Bernie Sanders vowed to continue his political revolution, in spite of acknowledging the fight in front of his campaign is "a very, very steep fight." He didn't perform as well as he needed to in the June 7 primaries, losing the crucial California primary to Clinton by a larger margin than many anticipated.

Even still, Sanders said he'd take his campaign all the way to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in July.

At this point, a lot of people are pressuring Sanders to drop out and step aside so Hillary Clinton can unite the Democratic Party against Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

But, the Vermont senator appears unwilling to do this, even though he faces a very tough road ahead given that Clinton is now the presumptive Democratic nominee.

In the wake of these developments, many Bernie Sanders supporters and admirers took to Twitter to express their thanks to the senator for his efforts throughout this election. Some of the tweets seemed to be a form of goodbye to his campaign, while others appeared to be encouraging him to push forward.

By Wednesday morning, #ThankYouBernie was a top trend on Twitter. It showed what an immense impact Sanders had on the country, and revealed his political revolution will likely continue far beyond this election.

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