Message From 'People Of Germany' About Trump Goes Viral

The "people of Germany" just sent a powerful warning message to the US about Donald Trump, highlighting some startling similarities between how Trump has gained popularity and how Adolf Hitler rose to power,

This note was originally posted by Johan Franklin on Friday.


The message has gone completely viral on Twitter just a few days before the US presidential election.


Franklin, the author of the note, said Germans are "scared shitless" of Trump.

After Franklin tweeted the original note, some people began to attack him on social media. He received messages like, "I HOPE YOU DIE!!"

Franklin decided to explain why he tweeted this note and what his overall intentions were in a follow-up tweet.


Franklin said he doesn't speak for all Germans but that there are definitely many in Germany who are very unsettled by the prospect of Trump becoming the US president,

Franklin actually agrees with anyone who thinks comparing Trump to Hitler is "a bit of an exaggerated cliché."

If you think comparing Trump to Hitler is a little too extreme, Franklin is on the same page.

But he also argued there are "a lot of similarities in the way Trump and Hitler gained momentum" and "amassed followers around them."

Franklin also wrote,

Franklin certainly offered some thought-provoking points.

America has a lot to think about in what little time remains between now and the election.