Former NY Governor Pataki Says Al-Qaeda Had $500K During 9/11, ISIS Has $500 Million

Former New York Governor George Pataki does not agree with President Obama's plan for eradicating the Islamic State because he believes the group's wealth demands more.

According to Fox News, Pataki said in an interview earlier today that the monetary power of al-Qaeda 13 years ago pales in comparison to that of the Islamic State, therefore we need to stage a ground invasion before the group obtains more weapons.

He said,

Al Qaeda had $500,000 dollars when they attacked us 13 years ago. This group has at least $500 million. Al Qaeda had box cutters, this group has advanced weapons and technology and territory that it controls. It has people who have western and American passports and we have a border that is porous. We cannot lead from behind this time. It cannot just be words as it has been in the past. This must be real American leadership to destroy ISIS and make sure that America and our friends are protected.

Pataki, who served as governor during 9/11, also said that while he understands why nobody wants to see our troops risk their lives overseas, this may be our best chance at defeating the militant group.

In his opinion,

If we have the chance to capture 10 ISIS leaders but it takes sending in a platoon of Marines, send them in.

Pataki added that the US is currently under the greatest terror threat since 9/11 and urged the militaries of the Arab world to join our mission of destroying the Islamic State.

via Fox News Insider, Photo Courtesy: Vice