News — This Pastor In Flint Made His Church A Beacon Of Hope In The Water Crisis
by John Haltiwanger

Robert McCathern is a community leader and the pastor at Joy Tabernacle Church in Flint, Michigan.

His church is located in the neighborhood of Civic Park, one of the areas hit hardest by the ongoing water crisis in Flint. The struggles of this particular community are emblematic of the problems that have been plaguing Flint for years: crippling poverty and one of the highest violent crime rates in the country.

Pastor McCathern's church has become a beacon of hope in a city that went from being one of the most promising communities in America to one of the poorest in a matter of decades.

The church welcomes anyone, regardless of his or her past. Two of its ministers, Aaron Dunigan and Noah Patton, both spent time behind bars.

In a country where being an ex-offender carries a permanent stigma, Joy Tabernacle Church refuses to stereotype and opens its doors to anyone and everyone.

The church is at the center of efforts to revitalize Flint as it struggles to overcome the water crisis. In conjunction with an organization called the Flint Grassroots Initiative, the church offers free water and lead testing to residents.

While the government fails to fully address the crisis it created, people like Pastor McCathern are rising up to fight for their community as it struggles for survival.

Watch Pastor McCathern's story above, and check out Elite Daily's full documentary on the Flint water crisis below.