Obama Catches Sasha Trolling Him On Snapchat: 'This Is My Dad Lecturing Us'


No dad can escape being ridiculed by his children... not even the president.

On Monday, President Obama appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and revealed how his 15-year-old daughter, Sasha, loves to troll him on Snapchat. This is absolutely hilarious, but not shocking whatsoever.

Using technology parents don't fully understand in order to torment them is a rite of passage for teenagers.

The president said,

Now Sasha gave me instructions on Snapchat. One night at dinner, we're sitting there, and I had read that Snapchat was becoming really popular among her age cohort. So I said, 'So tell me about Snapchat,' so she starts explaining stuff. 'And then you can make little faces on your picture and this and that and the other...' And at the end of it, Michelle and I are sitting there, and I said 'Isn't this interesting?' And then I started talking to Michelle about the implications of social media and what all this means.

But the president had no idea he was on candid camera the whole time.

[I] come to find out she [Sasha] was recording us the whole time and then sent it to her friends afterwards: 'This is my dad lecturing us on the meaning of social media,' and she took a picture of herself sort of looking bored, you know.

Both the first lady and Malia Obama died laughing at this.

Michelle, of course, loved it. Malia thought it was a riot. They distributed it to all their friends. This is what I go through during dinner.

Well played, Sasha. Well played.

The president went on to explain he's not allowed to have very many apps on his phone due to security reasons, which is understandable.

He said,

I now have an iPhone. But, it is, you know like the phone you give your 2-year-old? Where... they can pretend to press things but nothing actually happens? So my phone has no phone, no camera, no music. All it has is the internet and I can send emails... But my rule throughout my presidency is that, I assume someday, sometime, somebody will read this email. So I don't send any email that at some point [will be] on the front page of the newspapers.

This is probably a smart move, given how much trouble emails have caused Hillary Clinton throughout this election cycle.

But President Obama has less than 100 days left in office.

It's probably safe to say he's going to go all out when he's no longer in the White House, and will download every app known to man. Maybe he'll finally figure Snapchat out then.

In the mean time, we can all enjoy the president reading some mean tweets.