Obama Just Made The Cutest Dad Joke About The Perks Of Being President


President Obama is such a dad, and he's back at it again with the dad jokes.

The president just wrote a really powerful essay on feminism and fatherhood for Glamour and got very emotional very fast, speaking about the need to break down gender stereotypes in order to create a better country and world for women and men alike.

In his essay, he said the ultimate perk of being president is living so close to where he works, given his office is literally in the house he resides in (you know, the Oval Office... in the White House) because it allowed him to see his daughters more often.

Obama explained,

...Perhaps the greatest unexpected gift of this job has been living above the store. For many years my life was consumed by long commutes­—from my home in Chicago to Springfield, Illinois, as a state senator, and then to Washington, DC, as a United States senator. It's often meant I had to work even harder to be the kind of husband and father I want to be. But for the past seven and a half years, that commute has been reduced to 45 seconds—the time it takes to walk from my living room to the Oval Office. As a result, I've been able to spend a lot more time watching my daughters grow up into smart, funny, kind, wonderful young women. That isn't always easy, either—watching them prepare to leave the nest. But one thing that makes me optimistic for them is that this is an extraordinary time to be a woman. The progress we've made in the past 100 years, 50 years, and, yes, even the past eight years has made life significantly better for my daughters than it was for my grandmothers. And I say that not just as President but also as a feminist.

The president said it's important his daughters know their dad is a feminist because now they will expect that of all men.

This is a very valuable lesson for us all because being a feminist simply means you believe women AND men should be afforded equal rights and opportunities, and that's something we should all stand behind.

But before all of that, Obama started his essay off with a quick little dad joke about the perks of being the commander-in-chief. He said,

There are a lot of tough aspects to being President. But there are some perks too. Meeting extraordinary people across the country. Holding an office where you get to make a difference in the life of our nation. Air Force One.

In his defense, as corny as this joke is, Air Force One does sound pretty cool.

Oh, and by the way, happy birthday, Mr. President!