This Bizarre New NRA Ad Encourages Women To Murder Rapists And Abusers


The NRA released a new ad this week, warning rapists and abusers that they will be shot dead by their female victims.

The ad features Dana Loesch, a gun advocate, talking to the camera. She says,

Here's a message to every rapist, domestic abuser, violent criminal, thug and every other monster who preys upon women.

At this point, you think the message would be, "Stop preying upon women." But that's not what Loesch says.

Instead, she encourages the attackers to go on preying upon women. She goes on to say,

Your life expectancy just got shorter, 'cause there's a very good chance your next target will be armed, trained and ready to exercise her right to choose her life over yours.

This ad directly addresses rapists and abusers. There are a lot of things you can say when you directly address rapists and abusers, such as "Don't be a rapist and/or abuser."

But this ad basically challenges rapists and abusers to keep being rapists and abusers, just to see how gun-empowered women can fight back.

Loesch says,

This is what real empowerment looks like: Millions of American moms, grandmothers and professional women taking our lives and our families' lives into our own capable hands.

I don't know about you, but real empowerment for me looks like not constantly facing the threat of rape, abuse or any other violence from men. Real empowerment for me looks like men who respect women and don't want to hurt them.

Real empowerment for me looks like men who are empowered to know they don't need to defend their masculinity and assert their power through violence. It looks like men who understand consent. It looks like men who honor and value both my safety and the safety of other women.

The NRA wants you to think that rapists are strangers in alleys. But three out of four victims of sexual violence are attacked by someone they know, as New York magazine points out.

The NRA wants you to think that domestic abuse can be easily solved by a gun. There are many emotional and physical factors that contribute to why women stay in abusive relationships. Having a gun isn't a solution.

As New York magazine points out again, having a gun while in an abusive relationship could also threaten your own safety. The risk of death for women increases by 500 percent when a gun is present in domestic violence, even if the woman got the gun for her own safety.

There are many things you can say to potential attackers. "Go ahead" shouldn't be one of them.

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