Netflix Releases Trailer For Movie On Young Obama: 'Barry'

On Monday, Netflix released the trailer for "Barry," the biopic on a young Barack Obama during his junior year at Columbia University in New York City.

If you weren't already an emotional wreck about Obama's time in the White House coming to an end, this will probably help you get there.

Forget Netflix and chill, this is going to be more like Netflix and weep uncontrollably.

The movie, which is set to be released on December 16, examines what life was like for 20-year-old Obama trying to find his place in the world as a college student in 1981.

This is basically yet another movie about a college student having no idea who they really are or what they want to do, except it's about the first black president in US history.

In the past, President Obama has spoken about his struggles to form an identity as a multiracial man who was raised by his white mother, and this movie seems to dig deeper into how Obama dealt with these issues as a young man.

For the president, it seems being multiracial has, in many ways, helped him define what America means to him and what it truly means to be American.

That's what this film seems to be about: Obama discovering that being mixed race doesn't mean he had to choose a particular identity, because being American means being connected to many different identities and perspectives all at once.

The young Obama in "Barry" is portrayed by Australian actor Devon Terrell, and Ashley Judd plays his mother, Ann Dunham.

According to Variety's Owen Glieberman, the movie "feels bracingly authentic."

The film's director, Vikram Gandhi, who you might know from HBO's "Vice," is also a graduate of Columbia University.

Apparently, there were still many stories told of Obama's exploits at the university up to the point Gandhi became a student, Huffington Post reports.

With America's political system going through a period of discord at the moment, this movie could be a welcome and hopeful escape in the coming weeks.

If nothing else, it might offer more insight into the many struggles the US has faced in the past, and what we might need to do to overcome our present obstacles.

Watch the trailer above.