Most Guys Say They Don't Benefit From Birth Control, So The Internet Claps Back


If you're a man who thinks you don't benefit from women having affordable access to birth control, you're, uh, confused.

Apparently, a lot of men actually feel this way, and this is why we can't have nice things.

A new survey from the nonpartisan firm PerryUndem showed 52 percent of men don't think they've benefitted from women in their life having access to affordable birth control.

NEWS FLASH: They're wrong, or, as some on the internet pointed out, they're likely all virgins (or just idiots).


Regardless of whether or not you've had sex (and there's no shame if you haven't), we all benefit from living in a society where women are empowered, sexually liberated and have control over their reproductive health.

Having reliable and affordable access to birth control is a crucial part of this.

This is why it's very concerning that the GOP healthcare plan (AHCA), which is currently being debated over in Congress, could end up eliminating the Obamacare mandate that requires insurance companies to cover birth control without a copay, which could cost as much as $50 per month or up to $1000 for intrauterine devices (IUDs).

The fact that so many American men stupidly and selfishly don't think they've benefited from women having access to birth control is emblematic of the need for more education on this issue, so the people in charge of our laws, who happen to be predominately male since we still live in a hyper-sexist society, stop threatening women's health and reproductive rights.

For context, below is a picture of a room full of white men discussing women's health and the prospect of taking away maternity coverage.

The fact that not a single woman can be seen in the room is incredibly problematic, and, frankly, an embarrassing reflection on our country and government.

The habitual politicization of women's health in the US is one of the most shameful and regressive aspects of this country.

It's long past time for this nonsense to end.

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