Barron Trump Was Miserable At Donald Trump's Inauguration

If you're feeling glum about today and just want to dive under a blanket and stay there forever, you're not alone.

Judging by some pictures taken at his dad's inauguration, Barron Trump isn't feeling too positive about making America great again.

Seriously, he looked like he was having the worst time.

Just look at that face.


He just can't even.


I mean, I'm sure it was really a good day for the 10-year-old, but it sure as heck doesn't look like it.

Either that or the first boy in the White House since John F. Kennedy was just having a bit of a tantrum about his mom fussing over him while millions of people watched.

I actually feel bad for the kid. Barron is at that age where you are absolutely embarrassed by everything your parents do.

And, forget who his dad is and how embarrassing that must be for a second — your mom fixing your tie is embarrassing enough if it happens at your cousin's wedding, let alone in front of the watching world.

Come on, Melania.

This is becoming a seriously weird trend. I can't remember the last time a monumental moment in the Trump family's life wasn't marked by the most emo member of the Trump clan looking like he really doesn't want to be there.

Who can forget his cameo on election night?

The poor kid looked exhausted as he stood in the background during Donald's victory speech at 3 am, which was clearly way past his bedtime.


Millions of us could relate to Barron as he swayed and his eyes rolled during that speech, which is pretty much how I've felt constantly since then.

And now Barron is our unlikely spirit animal again, and we are loving his possible (unlikely) resentment of the whole presidency thing.

Stay sassy, Barron.