Why Millennials Should Make The Conscious Decision To Vote In 2016

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We live in a society built on the basis of acceptance and the flexibility to change. Millennials, the generation I belong to, are a unique group of people. Our attributes, diversity and high education level make us unlike any other group in the country.

Perhaps the largest group of young people in the history of the United States, we have the ability and, more importantly, the obligation to collect our voices and use them to make a difference.

My generation is one of the most passionate and well-spoken groups of people, with opinions about almost anything. We are open-minded, and we embrace change. So, why are we neglecting our politics?

The opinions of Millennials generally concern topics and debates that could be directly affected or negated by our government. Issues such as gay rights, sustainability and education could be changed for the better, if our generation would take a stand and educate ourselves on what is going on with our nation’s leaders.

If you truly believed in the causes you support, you would be looking for ways to better these social problems. There is no opinion formed without acquiring facts, and no change made without action.

Millennials outnumber Baby Boomers. We have the potential to become the loudest voice in the country, yet the percentage of people from our generation who voted in the last midterm made up a mere 13 percent.

For a body of young people that claims to have strong stances on issues, we certainly aren’t voicing our opinions very powerfully.

An article from the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation discussed the personalities of Millennials, stating:

"[...] the social-minded Millennial may not understand the priorities of other generations."

While our generation may heavily participate in social causes, we still don't give much attention to things that don't exactly concern us. However, what Millennials need to learn and recognize is that politics does concern us.

We have the ability to influence or even reform our society.

This is the first year I can legally vote, and I acknowledge the power in my hands. If Millennials combined this power, the results would be overwhelming. We could make up the majority of the poll.

Instead of talking about what it is that bothers us about our society, we could take steps toward fixing the problem. I think what a lot of young people forget is we have the resources to completely change our country. We just have to decide to do so.

Besides being the largest, most passionate and most diverse group, Millennials are, at least in my experience, the most inspired. I want to encourage all of my fellow young people to look for answers.

Form questions, educate yourself on issues and, most importantly, channel this beautiful creative energy into something that could make a difference. We don’t have to sit idly while our government fluctuates. We can be a part of it; we have a loud voice.

Wouldn’t you like to tell future generations about how you had an impact on our society? I hope that after reading this, you feel inspired or encouraged to participate in matters concerning our government. It is important, and it will make a difference.

We just have to make the conscious decision to be a part of it.