Melania Trump Reportedly “Trapped” In Her Hotel Because Of Violent Protests

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Melania Trump was supposed to be touring various events in Germany with spouses of other world leaders on Friday, July 7.

Instead, the First Lady of the United States is "trapped" in her hotel, according to a report from NBC News.

Because of violent protests in Hamburg -- which have coincided with the city's hosting of the G20 summit of world leaders -- the first lady has been unable to leave her residence.

Trump's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told reporters,

Hamburg police couldn't provide clearance for us to leave.
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Large protests had been expected for the weekend, with NPR reporting German police were expecting over 100,000 demonstrators in Hamburg.

As for the purpose of the demonstrations, NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson reported,

Some want the G-20 dissolved because they say it doesn't represent any of the countries whose fates are being decided at this summit. Others want the focus [of the summit] to be on climate change. Then you have others wanting rights for specific groups, be they women, refugees or oppressed minorities.

Those protests have so far resulted in injuries to over 150 officers, per Fox News.

The first lady had been scheduled to tour a climate change center within the city and take a river cruise with spouses of the leaders of the 20 nations represented at the summit, according to CNN.

On Friday morning, Trump tweeted her concern for those injured in Hamburg.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, has had an eventful schedule while taking part in diplomatic events on Friday.

The president met with Mexican leader Enrique Peña Nieto and, most notably, Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The latter of the two meetings has the subject of much anticipation, particularly in light of American intelligence agencies' claims that Russia made efforts to interfere in last year's presidential elections, in favor of Trump.

But while the president handles his business, the first lady's own obligations will have to wait because of the violence in Hamburg.