Mark Cuban Wants To Give America The Donald Trump Interview It Deserves


Somebody should get Donald Trump some ice, because he just got burned.

On Friday, Mark Cuban ripped into Trump on Twitter and it was pretty epic.

Cuban feels like the mainstream media has been way too soft on Trump.

When you think about the debacle of a press conference Trump had regarding the birther movement on Friday, as well as Matt Lauer's recent failure to call him out for lying about his opposition to the Iraq War, Cuban definitely has a point.

Cuban didn't hold back in how he really feels about Trump and his proposed policies.

He wants to give America the Donald Trump interview it deserves. Facts only.

Trump would probably have a hard time following Cuban's interview guidelines. No insulting the Clintons? Insulting them is Trump's bread and butter.

Cuban wants it to be one on one, just him and Donny.

He even appealed to Trump's greed.

This is too good.

Trump probably won't accept this offer, which will prove Cuban's point that his campaign has no substance.

If this interview did actually go down, however, it would be quite a pleasure to see Trump squirm.

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