Malia Obama & Dog Bo On Dogspotting Is Too Cute: "He's Socially Awkward"

by Lilli Petersen
Pete Souza/White House via Getty Images

She may be the daughter of the former leader of the free world, but she's still gotta walk the dog. Malia Obama ended up on the Dogspotting Facebook page on Wednesday night, but she had to play second fiddle to her furrier counterpart. A picture posted to the page shows presidential pup Bo Obama playing with a new maybe-friend.

The photo posted on July 26 shows the two dogs engaging in the traditional sniff-and-greet. though one clearly seems more into it than the other. Bo, don't you have any sense of personal boundaries?

“He's socially awkward,” Malia apparently said of her pup. Huh. Well, I guess you don't, then. Carry on, Bo.

The full caption, posted by an account named Eric Kmetz, reads, “Saw Bo Obama tonight, hanging in Georgetown. My dog wanted to say hi. Malia goes, 'He's socially awkward'. 12/10 would vote for again.”

Dogspotting, for those who are uninitiated, is an online community of people who share photos of random dogs they see around and rate them.

That's about it. (Though there are quite a few rules about what constitutes acceptable dogspotting.) The public group on Facebook, which describes itself as "a sport and lifestyle of spotting random dogs," has more than 600,000 members.

Don't worry about the ratings, by the way. By universal consensus, all dogs on the page are Very Good Boys & Girls.

We have no news on whether the two doggos ended up friends — despite Bo's awkwardness — but it's pretty adorable.

As a fellow owner of a socially awkward dog, I sympathize with the struggle of trying to encourage your dog to make a new friend. Though honestly, I'm mostly impressed that Bo seems to be hanging out off-leash. I guess the White House didn't skimp on the obedience training fund, huh?

And no hint of where Sunny is, either. Maybe her walk is Sasha's responsibility.

Well, awkward or not, Bo Obama's got my heart.

12/10, would dogspot again.