Loretta Lynch Just Called Out North Carolina's 'Bathroom Bill' In A Big Way

On Monday, the federal government announced it's suing the state of North Carolina over HB2, the controversial legislation frequently referred to as the "bathroom bill."

This move comes after North Carolina filed a lawsuit against the federal government after it urged the state to abandon HB2 or face the possibility of being denied millions in federal funding.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch delivered an impassioned and eloquent speech on these developments Monday afternoon, referring to HB2 as "state-sponsored discrimination against transgender individuals."

Lynch, who is a North Carolina-native, even compared the "bathroom bill" to the segregation laws of the Jim Crow era, one of the most shameful chapters in US history.

She stated,

The attorney general sent a powerful message of solidarity to the transgender community.

Her strongly worded remarks generated a great deal of discussion, and in many cases applause, on Twitter.

Indeed, this speech will definitely stand as a defining moment in Lynch's tenure as attorney general.