Girl's Pics With Obama And Trump Sum Up How We All Feel About The Election

by Alexandra Svokos

Amariyanna Copeny, aka Little Miss Flint, is having quite the year.

Her city has been dealing with a terrible water crisis as its supply has been contaminated with lead. This has been going on for years, but the nation finally started paying attention this year.

Although people were starting to pay attention, one person, in particular, needed to make a little more effort. So, Little Miss Flint took action.

She wrote a letter to President Barack Obama, asking him to visit the city. In May, he did and met Copeny.

She was pretty excited about it. The 8-year-old ran up to Obama and jumped to give him a big hug. She held on tight.


She looks so happy. So relaxed. Like someone is really taking care of her. In the midst of her city's crisis, Obama brought her happiness and peace.

A certain other political visit did not excite Copeny quite as much.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made a stop in Flint on Wednesday.

While there, he got thoroughly shut down by Reverend Faith Green Timmons. Trump started giving a speech bashing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Timmons was having none of that. She jumped in and told him they weren't giving him a space to do that.

Once again, Little Miss Flint was on hand to greet the political visitor.

But compared to her reaction to meeting Obama, it looks like her meeting with Trump was, ah, not great:

And with just two photos, Little Miss Flint has summed up exactly how we feel about the presidential election this year:

Little Miss Flint met both Trump and Obama this year. — Daniel Dale (@ddale8) September 15, 2016


We're all sitting here wanting to hold onto Obama for just a little bit longer. You can almost see her whispering in his ear,

Screw the term limits, Mr. President. Stay forever.

And then there's the absolute fear, confusion and disgust with Trump. "This guy?" she seems to be thinking, "Why are you doing this to me, America?"

Trump looms overhead like a smiling reality TV host with a noted history of racist and sexist comments. Oh no, wait, that's not what he's like. That's what he is.

2016, y'all!!!!!

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