Kids Took Over DC For 'Take Your Kid To Work Day,' And The Pics Are Epic

by John Haltiwanger

Thursday is "Take Your Child to Work Day," and even the White House participated.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer held a mock press conference for the kids of members of the White House press corps, and it was pretty adorable.

That is likely the first and last time the word "adorable" will ever be used in a sentence with Spicer, but just look at these pics.

It really wasn't all that different from a normal day, given Spicer consistently treats all journalists like rambunctious schoolchildren.

One kid named Max even came with a question -- a rather sophisticated one -- about the terms President Donald Trump is looking for in the renegotiation of NAFTA (there's a good chance he knows more about this topic than Spicer and the president combined).

When Max asked his question, Spicer jokingly replied, "Who are your parents?"

Another kid asked Spicer if he liked working at the White House, and it's somewhat surprising he didn't start sobbing uncontrollably about how hard it's been and how mean the press is.

The kids will also apparently got the chance to go bowling at the White House (yes it has its own alley), which sounds like the ultimate birthday party for any child (or adult, for that matter).

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence also stopped by to say hello.

Relatedly, we're reminded every single day is "take your child to work day" for the president.

Or is it "take your father to work" for his kids? Since they seem to be doing more of his job so far. Just saying.

Beyond the White House, House Speaker Paul Ryan also faced a very tough crowd.

Politics is a ruthless world, sometimes you have rough up the opposition.

Some behaved more professionally than others.

Kids should take over the capital more often -- they almost make politicians seem likable.

Keyword: Almost.