This Kid Doesn't Want Obama To Leave Office

As the Obamas count down their last few weeks in the White House, I've already started to count the tears that will inevitably roll down my cheeks.

OK, that was pretty dramatic, but I'm serious. I really don't want Obama to leave.

I'm truly saddened by the fact that our country will wake up on November 9 with a new appointed leader, and I'm not mentally prepared for that kind of change.

Apparently, this little dude isn't either, and we're all living vicariously through him.

His name is Christopher, and he's Obama's number one fan.

According to Buzzfeed News, the 4-year-old lives in Las Vegas with his mother, Anilu. She recently sat down with her son and told him that Obama can no longer be president anymore.

Needless to say, his reaction is all of us.

After Anilu breaks the news to her politically savvy son, he think she's joking and cracks a smile, saying, "No it's not."

When reality hits, it hits HARD.

Anilu reassures the fact that "Obama has to go," and Christopher loses it.

He starts hysterically crying and helplessly says, "Mom, I don't want to pick a new president!"


His mother then gives her son two options: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. This, of course, does not make him feel any better. Are we surprised, though?

He responds in hysterics and says, "No, I like Obama better!"

Don't we all. Don't. We. All.

The relatable video has gone viral on Twitter, and it has already racked up over 51,000 likes. People are going wild over Christopher's mental breakdown because it's way too real.



It looks like we all better have a few boxes of tissues ready for the election. I know I'm going to be balling my eyes out.