Biden Gives Final Remarks On Campus Sexual Assault As VP

Vice President Joe Biden gave a powerful and emotional speech on sexual assault at the It's On Us Summit at the White House on Thursday.

This was the final time he spoke on this issue as vice president.

Biden, who has been extremely vocal about campus sexual assault throughout his tenure, said violence against women is "the civil rights issue of our time. It's the human rights issue of our time."

When it comes to sexual assault, he said, "Silence is complicity."

The president and vice president launched It's On Us in September of 2014. As the White House describes it,

President Obama and Biden's efforts to spread awareness on this issue came to a head at the It's On Us Summit where -- in addition to the vice president -- student leaders, federal colleagues, community organizers and business representatives, among others, came together to discuss how they will continue to build on the progress made by this administration.

As he wrapped the speech up, Biden said,

And as he walked out of the room, the vice president shouted,

Biden might be 74 years old, and he might've already been in public service for decades, but he's clearly more than ready to continue fighting for what is right.

You can watch the entire It's On Us Summit in the video below.

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