Joe Biden's A Total Legend Awkwardly Trying To Blend In At A College Party

by Alexandra Svokos

We always knew Joe Biden was a badass -- just check out this video of him sneaking into a college party.

Alright relax, it wasn't a real college party. This was all part of a PSA released by Funny or Die.

Biden and Adam Devine (the dude from "Pitch Perfect" and "Workaholics") star in a video where they're on a secret mission to sneak into college.

The video opens with Devine being given his college mission, in a scene similar to "21 Jump Street." But then it's revealed his mission partner is none other than Vice President Biden.

They get to the party with Biden wearing his signature dark glasses. As Biden approaches his "friends" in college, Secret Service runs up and checks them out.

Clearly, he's not the best at blending in.

But they're undercover at the college party for a very important reason. Biden cuts the music at the party and "confesses" his true identity as the vice president.

Biden says,

One in five women and one in sixteen men are sexually assaulted by the time they leave college, and we can all work together to change that.

Devine then awkwardly chuckles, saying he's not qualified to talk about that subject.

However, Biden explains that's the point -- everybody is qualified to talk about sexual assault and do something about it. He says,

It's on all of us to change the culture and prevent sexual assault.

Devine tries to understand this, asking Biden,

So like, if you see, like, a buddy's talking to somebody that's too drunk to consent, you tell that buddy, like, 'Yo, buddy, chill!' And then you make sure that drunk person gets home safe...right?

Biden says that's exactly right.

The video was made for It's On Us, the White House's campaign to prevent sexual assault on college campuses.

The video asks people to take the pledge on the It's On Us website to be part of the campaign. So far, 344,406 people have signed the pledge, BuzzFeed reports. We obviously we need more, though, especially as a new class starts college.

Biden has been a strong campaigner against sexual assault, which is a pretty cool thing for a vice president to be. Just further confirms he's the coolest VP ever.

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