Jimmy Kimmel Catches People Lying About Watching The Debate In Hilarious Video


Ah, politics: It'll make fools out of all of us... especially those who pretend they know what they're talking about, while simultaneously having no idea what they're talking about.

Before the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Monday night, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" found people who fit that exact description and put them in front of the camera.

It was glorious comedy.

Kimmel usually has a series of interviews filmed for his "Lie Witness News" segment. The show went outside of its studio on Hollywood Boulevard, stopped random pedestrians and asked them about "last night's debate," even though no debate had taken place at the time of asking.

These people made the most incredible attempts to lie in order to not sound dumb on TV. But alas, this only resulted in each respondent sounding incredibly dumb on TV.

Kimmel introduced the segment by saying,

This was done hours before the candidates took the stage, so there's no way any of these people should have an opinion on what happened. But did that stop them from weighing in? Oh no, it did not.

The questions started off slow and easy.

Who do you think won the debate? What did they do best?

You know, that sort of stuff. The interviewees responded confidently because, well, why not? Those questions are easy to respond to, even if you don't know anything.

One guy, for instance, said he liked Hillary Clinton's poise, adding that she was very "poiseful."


Soon, the questions got more open-ended and difficult to answer.

Did that make people admit that they hadn't seen the non-existent debate? Nope.

They all made up answers for the questions. One respondent expressed how ridiculous she felt Trump was for challenging Hillary Clinton to a pull-up contest on the debate stage.

Another man said it was predictable that Donald Trump would say, "Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire" to Clinton. Duh!


In the end, "Lie Witness News" struck gold again. Jimmy Kimmel's latest segment will give you laughs for days.