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ISIS Says It's Responsible For The Deadly Suicide Bombings In Beirut


On Thursday, dual suicide bombings in southern Beirut killed dozens of people and injured around 200 others, The New York Times reports.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

While this is a terribly tragic incident, it's not surprising ISIS is claiming responsibility.

The bombings occurred in a neighborhood controlled by Hezbollah, which is currently fighting against ISIS in Syria.

At the same time, some are skeptical about ISIS's involvement, given the number of conflicting reports that arose after a Russian plane crashed in Egypt at the end of October.

This all goes to show how complicated the fight against ISIS is as it's the collective enemy of multiple countries and other actors, like Hezbollah, who are also traditional enemies.

The American government is not on good terms with Russia and considers Hezbollah to be a terrorist organization, yet all three can count ISIS as a foe.

Indeed, there are many players involved in the increasingly convoluted war in Syria and, unfortunately, it seems civilians are paying the heaviest price for it.

In addition to allegedly bombing Beirut on Thursday, ISIS released a video threatening to conduct imminent attacks in Russia.

Meanwhile, the US supported Kurdish forces as they sought to retake the Iraqi town of Sinjar from ISIS, TIME reports.

This is a very messy war, and it doesn't seem as though it will end any time soon.

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