What To Expect From Hillary Clinton's Candidacy As Told By 'PLL'

This past Sunday, Hillary Clinton finally made the announcement we had all been waiting for: She's running for president in 2016.

Her campaign may have officially just begun, but HRC's road to the White House started over a decade ago.

She's the only First Lady to ever hold a national office after being elected to the Senate in 2001. When her first plans to run for the presidency didn't pan out so well, she stuck around to serve as Secretary of State.

Up until her announcement, she served as a board member at The Clinton Foundation, her family's humanitarian non-profit that works to conquer global challenges.

Essentially, her résumé puts most other politicians to shame.

We've been #ready for over a year, so what can we expect from Hillary for America in the coming months?

Lots of Pantsuits

What else would you expect from the self-proclaimed pantsuit aficionado? She's been sporting her signature look since her days as a lawyer the 70s, when feminists across the country decided it was time to wear whatever the heck they wanted in the workplace.

She even wore pantsuits alongside husband Bill when he was on his own campaign trail in 1992, refusing to change her style to fit the mold of a "traditional" First Lady.

Needless to say, we will be seeing plenty of pantsuits in 2016.

Questions About Benghazi

It's a controversy that just won't die. Hillary remains an important figure in the House of Representatives' ongoing investigation into the terror attack on the US Diplomatic Compound in Libya back in 2012.

She's sidestepped questions for months, but now that her campaign is official, Benghazi is fair game.

The Republican presidential candidates definitely aren't going to let HRC get off easy on this one.

More About Those Emails

Critics are pretty fired up over Hillary's decision to use a personal email server while serving as Secretary of State.

Her team allegedly surrendered tens of thousands of pages to the State Department, but no one knows what information remains in the rest of the documents that weren't handed over.

Is she trying to hide something? Where are the other emails? Chances are, this won't be the last time you'll hear those questions.

Talk of Shattering the Glass Ceiling

This time around, Hillary is here to make history. She's not afraid to put gender at the forefront of her campaign.

Electing the first female president is a huge, important step towards gender equality in America. We'll probably be hearing a lot about ways to shrink the pay gap, her history as a feminist advocate and even her own journey to balance a career with motherhood.

Selfies with Voters

Give the people what they want.

Less than 24 hours after announcing her candidacy, Hillary was already tweeting pictures of herself with voters in Iowa. It's only a matter of time before everyone she meets on the campaign trail is asking for a selfie.

Government Action to Fight Climate Change

Hillary has been a climate change advocate for years. It's likely she will make tackling climate change a central issue of her campaign platform, making her the first candidate in history to do so.

Hillary's focus on climate will force other candidates to articulate their own positions and make climate change a major topic of debate in 2016.

Monica Lewinsky

Lewinsky is back in the headlines, but this time, as a public figure speaking out against bullying. She's spent the past decades hiding under the radar, emerging just in time for the start of Hillary's candidacy.

It's unclear if or how Lewinsky could potentially damage the campaign, but at the very least, even just the mention of her name makes things pretty awkward.

Middle Class, Middle Class, Middle Class

Hillary set the tone for her campaign when she promised to be a "champion" for the everyday American. Her announcement video profiled several couples, children and families before HRC ever appeared on screen.

We'll be hearing things like "middle class economics," "everyday American values" and "women and families," until the polls close in November 2016.

I don't blame you if you're already considering getting some earplugs.